Support Services

Euclides Technologies Support Services


Euclides Technologies provides support services as seen within our three models: Standard, Extended and an option for a Bank of Support hours to be used as needed. We are flexible with our support approach and can help provide a custom quote in any scenario.

Standard Support Model

Our Standard solution includes a year-round personal support model, led by our dedicated Euclides Support Engineering Team.

  • Standard Silver: Annual Business Hours Support & Maintenance
  • Standard Gold: Annual 24/7 Support & Maintenance

Extended Support Model

Euclides also offers an Extended support solution that provides a year-round personal support model based on a community and collaborative support system to keep your business agile and productive. This support model includes onsite support, continuous knowledge transfer and also includes system health checks enabling on-going IFS education.

  • Extended Silver: Annual Business Hours Support & Maintenance/Dedicated solution architect for on-site visits
  • Extended Gold: Annual 24/7 Support & Maintenance/Dedicated solution architect for on-site visits

Bank of Hours Support Model

Our third support solution is a bank of hours that can be utilized according to business needs and also includes personal support from our Euclides Support Engineering Team.