Portugal Telecom

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March 19, 2015
March 19, 2015

Portugal Telecom

Portugal Telecom is a global telecommunications operator with a presence in Europe, Latin America and other high growth markets.  The company services 62 million clients and provides services in all segments of the telecommunications sector:  wire line, mobile, multimedia, data and corporate solutions.

The company wanted to convert from a completely manual system, handling a total of 3000 technicians who between them performed 1000 tasks per day, to automated scheduling.  The scheduling solution needed to support complicated business rules and workflow processes, and integrate with existing work management, repository, billing, network diagnostic, database, reporting, and new mobile solutions systems.  In addition the solution needed to be configured to handle many unusual, complex business rules for internal technicians, external technicians and contractors.

Euclides was selected to implement and customize the solution together with Accenture.

Euclides brought in a team of experts, implemented the workforce optimization products, and created customized components that addressed the following needs:

  • Enforcement of unique business rules related to technician workflow.
  • A plethora of business-specific data and customized forms used by dispatchers and technicians.
  • Support for both windows and web client solutions for dispatchers.
  • Crew related customizations, such as ‘permanent crew’ and ‘on-fly-helper”.
  • Custom geo-coding solution, based on network box locations and postcode.

The solution enables the client to optimize its scheduling, while collecting and integrating task-related business data, procedures, and regulations. In addition, the client has the ability to change and enhance the “out of the box” features, such as custom geo-coding or crew management.

The implementation was completed on time and under budget in December 2010.