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March 19, 2015
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Siemens is a global powerhouse with activities in nearly 190 countries worldwide, providing a wide range of services throughout several different sectors. During 2008, Euclides was selected to upgrade an existing ClickSchedule implementation to an advanced version 7.5.

Siemens’ implementation was a unique deployment which supported a project-related scheduling solution. Tasks and engineers were grouped as relatively long term ‘project like’ activities, subject to internal processes (such as e-mail notification and reporting) dependencies.

This solution that had been implemented at Siemens is encapsulated with a large layer of custom code that enables operating in a project-related mode.

Implementation Challenges

  • Upgrade extensive and unusual customization layer.
  • Maintain existing behavior.
  • Improve existing functionality.

Euclides successfully addressed these challenges during the first phase of the implementation.

Automating the manual components of the scheduling solution

At a later stage, Siemens decided to increase the level of automation from their initial implementation.

Euclides logic experts successfully customized a new scheduling heuristic – a core scheduling engine which schedules projects (bulk of related tasks) to teams and team members, compiling specific sets of business rules and objectives.

The implementation was completed on time and under budget in December 2010.