Is your customer data unmanageable because it is spread throughout multiple systems? Are you in need of a mobile field service solution, but IT is currently unable to support a new solution integrated to your existing CRM?

Most business leaders recognize the significant financial value and productivity gains that a field service management solution will deliver to their organization. Many want a solution immediately, but there can be challenges that prevent that from happening. That is where we come in.

Getting Started With ClickWorkOrder

Once implemented, ClickWorkOrder will provide a stand-alone, centralized source system for all of your customer data, locations, service entitlements, service history, work order creation and more. The system is fully-integrated within the ClickSoftware suite, giving seamless access to dispatchers, call center agents or supervisors. Scheduling and appointment booking functions are integrated out-of-the-box and are web-based, which allows easy installation.

Now You have A Work Order Management Software Solution

Now that you are aware of ClickWorkOrder, maybe it’s time to ‘champion’ a field service solution within your organization. You can now drive home the vision of an improved, holistic process across your service operation. You can feel confident that ClickWorkOrder seamlessly integrated with optimized service scheduling will deliver a complete solution with minimal internal resources.

Euclides Technologies provides a powerful team with 70+ years of experience implementing mobile field service management solutions. Let’s talk – we do work order management software solutions right, and we are the partner for your workforce management needs.